Advanced Browsing: Full Selection and Custom Output Format

Select the Results you want and the form of output :

  1. Select the field you want to display as rows (required step)
  2. Select the field you want to display as columns (required step)
  3. If you want to have subcolumns, select the field you want to display as subcolumns. Note that subcolumns can only be selected after the selection of the columns is performed.
  4. You can then constraint the search by selecting some of the field in the list box.
  5. If a field is selected, it can be used to build the title of the result page by selecting the button "title" in the far right column.
Search Criteria
Field#Values View As :
222Rows Columns  
201Rows Columns  
79Rows Columns  
868Rows Columns  

The small table just below, is here to indicate the number of rows and columns in the result table. Once you are statisfied with the selection criteria press the button "View Result" to visualize the result matrixi (the button "View Result" will only show up after the selection of a content for the rows and the columns : step 1 and 2)